Monday, 13 February 2017

India Decides to Host Counter-Radicalisation Conference with ASEAN

India Decides to Host Counter-Radicalisation Conference with ASEAN
India plans to host a conference with the Association of Sout heast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to share experiences and ideas on prevention of radicalisation. The event is likely to be held in October. Sources said countries want to learn from each other’s best practices on promoting de radicalisation amid the
onslaught (हमला) of the IS and other extremist(अतिवादी)  ideologies. “This has been an idea since last year… and we are working on the issue with partner-countries.’’
The plan is to share India’s experience and benefit from that of ASEAN countries, especially Malaysia. More countries could be invited as observers depending on the interest. The UAE is one such country — it has expertise in de radicalisation that was one of the key areas of discussions during the recent bilateral interactions(बातचीत) . 
Officials said that countries in the region from ASEAN to Gulf have agreed to coordinate efforts to counter radicalisation and misuse of religion by groups and countries for inciting hatred and terrorism to deal with growing IS threat. Malaysia and Indonesia are among the countries working on this aspect, and India wants to gain from their expertise, officials said.
“There is a need to facilitate regular exchange of religious scholars and intellectuals, and to organise conferences and seminars to promote values of peace, tolerance(सहिष्णुता) , inclusiveness(समग्रता) and welfare that are inherent(निहित)  in all religions,” an official said.

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