Tuesday 28 February 2017

Pests Destroys 35% of India’s Total Crop Yield: ICAR scientist

Pests(परोपजीवी)  Destroys 35% of India’s Total Crop Yield: ICAR scientist

As per the data by Indian Council of Agricultural Research scientists, over 30-35 percent of the annual crop yield in India is destroyed because of pests. Among these pests, the major threat ( खतरा) to the
crops in India is posed by nematodes which Crop have caused loss to about 60 million tonnes of crops annually or 10-12 percent of crop yield each year. The huge (विशाल) crop loss is having an adverse effect on the agricultural bio-safety as it forms a vital portion of Indian food security(सुरक्षा) . The researcher cited that Potato Cyst Nematode, a particular kind of nematode had affected plants such as potatoes and tomatoes. It was first discovered in the Nilgiris and had now spread to various parts of the country.
 Nematodes are microscopic worms consisting of roundworms, threadworms and eelworms, many of which are parasites. Nematodes have successfully adapted to nearly every ecosystem from marine (salt water) to fresh water, to soils, and from the polar regions to the tropics, as well as the highest to the lowest of elevations(उन्नति). Depending on the species, a nematode may be beneficial or detrimental to plant health. Some nematodes kills garden pests while other attacks plants.

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