Tuesday, 28 February 2017

State science awards presented

State science awards presented

GUWAHATI, Feb 28 - The two-day Assam Science Festival and National Science Day celebrations, organised by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Assam, concluded(निष्कर्ष निकाला) at the Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra today. On the occasion, the State Science Awards instituted this year were presented.  While the Lifetime Achievement Award was given posthumously (मरणोपरांत) to noted agricultural scientist Dr Dhirendra Nath Barthakur, the Young Scientist Award was presented to Dr Debashish Borah, physicist of IIT Guwahati. Aaranyak, the city-based NGO was honoured with the Institutional Award in the field of Science and Technology for its contribution in the field of environmental research, awareness and education. 

In keeping with the focal theme of this year’s National Science Day – ‘Science and technology for specially abled persons’, Shishu Sarothi, an organisation working in the field of specially-abled persons, gave a demonstration on inclusive education meant for the specially-abled and normal children.

“This innovative model of education engages specially-abled children with normal children in the same classroom. Started this year, the playgroup class comprises 30 students (15 specially-abled children and 15 normal children in the age group of 3-6 years). A special teaching unit assesses the performance of the students,” Anindita Gogoi, vocation coordinator and Mayurakshi Goswami, counsellor, said.

A total of 60 organisations from across the country participated in the event. Some of the organisations were North Eastern State Application Centre, North Eastern District Resource Planning, IIT Guwahati, Chandra Foundation, which is involved in design and planning of science cities and science centres, KCS Solar Power, AMTRON, Regional Meteorological Centre, Guwahati Biotech Park, Pragjyotish Amateur Astronomers’ Association-Guwahati Planetarium, etc. 

Another highlight was the science models presented by the participating Aryabhatta Science Centres from 27 districts of Assam. Each of the centres presented two science models.

The all-girl student team from Udalguri district presented a unique water purification (शुद्धिकरण) project using corn crop, which was widely acclaimed. The Aaranyak stall that highlighted wildlife genetics among others also drew crowds in large numbers.

Innovator Haralal Sarkar displayed his driving kit for specially-abled persons while Kabyaneel Talukdar of Rubic Cube fame had an interactive session with over 500 students.

“Some of the salient features of the Assam Science Festival were exhibition of modern developments of science and technology, rural technology, and exhibits of innovation(नवोन्मेष) by children besides Robo Run, Augmented Reality and interactions with distinguished scientists,” an organising official said.

Meanwhile, the Assam Science and Technology University, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Research and Development of Differently Abled, also observed the Science Day today.

The open session was inaugurated(का उद्घाटन किया)  by the Vice Chancellor of the University Dr Dhiraj Bora, while former Principal of Cotton College, Dr Anil Goswami, former Director General of Assam police, NN Changkakoty, and Deputy Superintendent of Tezpur Medical College, Dr Jahanara Begum, were among the prominent persons who attended the function. The vote of thanks was offered by organising secretary Dr Prasanta Kumar Kakoty.

innovation नवोन्मेष
Definitions of innovation
the action or process of innovating.
An alliance allows its partners to speed up the processes of innovation and market expansion.
synonyms: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough, new measures, new methods, modernization, novelty, newness, creativity, originality, ingenuity, inspiration, inventiveness, a shake up

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