Tuesday 28 February 2017

Goa ranks first in having lesser infant mortality rate

Goa ranks first in having lesser infant (शिशु) mortality (मृत्यु-दर) rate
According to the recent data, infant mortality rate in the country has been registered at 42 deaths of kids per 1000 births while Puducherry was having 11 deaths of children per 1000 babies born said by Director of Health and Family Welfare Services K V Raman on February 27, 2017. Top 3 states : Goa
ranked first, followed by Kerala and Puducherry.   Puducherry government hospitals had necessary infrastructures to address the health issues of young children including cardiac(दिल का) surgeries. The that Union Territory is operating a Medical Relief Society through which assistance was also available to patients to get specialist treatment for critical ailments(बीमारियों) .

infant शिशु Definitions of infant
a very young child or baby.
Children consistently rated girls better caregivers for infants , young kids and the elderly.
synonyms: baby, newborn, young child, (tiny) tot, little one, papoose, neonate, tiny, babe, babe in arms, suckling

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