Monday 27 February 2017

Air India’s New Fuel-Efficient Airbus A320 Neo Makes Maiden Flight

Air India’s New Fuel-Efficient Airbus A320 Neo Makes Maiden Flight

Government owned(स्वामित्व)  airline firm Air India started the maiden flight of its newly leased aircraft, Airbus A320 Neo on February 23, 2017 which took off from Indira Gandhi International
Airport, New Delhi to reach Chennai International Airport with 161 passengers on board. The latest fuel-efficient aircraft was leased(पट्टे) by the national carrier from European aviation Air Indiamajor Airbus on February 16, 2017.
The A320 New Engine Option (Neo) aircraft consists of total 162 seats including 12 business class seats.   The Airbus A320 Neo aircraft is fuel-efficient and highly environmental-friendly. It has reduced noise levels and emits (उत्सर्जन करता है) 50 percent less carbon. Air India has plans to induct a total of 29 A320 Neos into its fleet by March 2019 out of which it has planned to induct 13 planes by 2017 calendar year. The airline has already tied-up with three lessors namely ALAFCO, GECAPS and CIT for 22 planes and is underway to select a bidder for the remaining seven.

emits  उत्सर्जन करता है Definitions of emit
produce and discharge (something, especially gas or radiation).
coal-fired power stations continue to emit large quantities of sulfur dioxide
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