Wednesday 26 October 2016

RSPB emerge on top at National championship

RSPB finished on top in all three sections -- men's freestyle, Greco-Roman and Female wrestling -- at the Senior (men's and women's) National Wrestling championship at Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. RSPB wrestlers, who dominated the competition, bagged maximum medals on the final day of the tournament as well to emerge triumphant across all three sections. Grapplers representing RSPB -- Lalita (women's
55kg), Hardeep Singh (Greco-Roman 98kg), Harpreet (Greco-Roman 80kg), Krishan Kumar (men's 125kg freestyle) -- claimed the top position in their respective weight categories on the final day to end their campaign on a high.

Haryana, Delhi and SSCB were the other three teams who put up impressive performance during the tournament. 

Team results: 

Men's Freestyle: 1. RSPB, 2. Haryana, 3. Delhi. 

Greco-Roman: 1. RSPB, 2. SSCB, 3. Haryana. 

Female Wrestling: 1. RSPB, 2. Haryana, 3. UP. 

Individual results: 

Men's freestyle 86kg - Gold: Deepak (Del), Silver: Ashutosh (UP), Bronze: Somber (Har) and Arun Kumar (SSCB). 

Men's freestyle 125kg - Gold: Krishan Kumar (RSPB), Silver: Hitender (RSPB), Bronze: Davwarth (Del) and Naveen Mor (Har). 

Greco-Roman 80kg - Gold: Harpreet (RSPB), Silver: Ravinder Khatri (SSCB), Bronze: Atul (Har) and Parmod Kumar (SSCB). 

Greco-Roman 98kg - Gold: Hardeep Singh (RSPB), Silver; Sachin (Har), Bronze: Sumit (SSCB) and Ravi (Har). 

Female Wrestling 55kg - Gold: Lalita (RSPB), Silver: Divyanshi Tyage (UP), Bronze: Savitri Chippa (Raj) and Reena (Har). 

Female Wrestling 75kg - Gold: Jyoti (Del), Silver: Neelam Tomar (UP), Bronze: Nikki (RSPB) and Kiran (RSPB).

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