Friday 19 May 2017

President receives first copies of two Bengali books

President receives first copies of two Bengali books

Kolkata, May 19 (PTI) President Pranab Mukherjee today received(प्राप्त किया) the first copies of two books in Bengali, released at an event at the Raj Bhavan here. 'Jnan, A-Jnan O Bijnan -- Popper-er Jnantatta' (Knowledge, Ignorance and Science -- Popper's theory of knowledge) and 'Samudra Banijjer Prekshite Sthala Banijjer, Bharat Mahasagar Anchal, 1500-1800' (Overland Trade in the Backdrop of Oceanic Trade, Indian Ocean Region) have been written by retired professors of the Calcutta University, Mahasweta Chaudhury and Sushil Chaudhury respectively.

The first book is an epistemology of truth and translation of the works of philosopher Karl Popper, said the author. The second looks into the oceanic trade with a historical perspective.

The president said the first book would help understand Popper better, while the other would help bust myths about ocenacic trade that it flourished due to competition among western entities. It also explores the relations between the Indian trading community and the West.

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