Monday 22 May 2017

2017 Arctic Energy Summit-host Finland

2017 Arctic Energy Summit-host Finland 

Arctic as a Leader in Renewable Energy Development, Knowledge and Expertise, The Institute of the North is excited(उत्साहित)  that the next Arctic Energy Summit (AES) will be held September 18-20,
2017 in Helsinki, Finland. The AES is a multi-disciplinary event expected to draw several hundred industry officials, scientists, academics, policy makers, energy professionals and community leaders together to collaborate and share leading approaches(दृष्टिकोण) on Arctic energy issues. The 2017 Summit will address energy in the Arctic as it relates to:

Small and off-grid community energy solutions
Oil and gas development
Renewable energy
Regulation and Financing
Transportation and transmission
Organizing Committee

Individuals and organizations who participate in the Organizing Committee have the chance to help develop the 2017 AES agenda and outcomes, ensuring a dynamic(गतिशील) summit. There are three levels of commitment and participation:

Steering Committee – individuals from partner organizations who can commit time and staff resources to developing the agenda, inviting participation and sponsorship, and implementing input from the advisory committee. Steering committee members should expect weekly communications and at least monthly teleconferences.
Advisory Committee – subject matter experts and leaders from all eight nations, representing industry and government. Advisory Committee members should expect monthly communications requesting feedback on developed or developing materials, with potential teleconferences every other month.
Associational Partners – sponsors, as well as organizations and companies who help cross-promote the Summit as in-kind donations. Associational Partners should expect monthly communications requesting information to be sent out to networks.

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