Monday, 2 January 2017

Veteran actress Dr. Jyotsna karyekar dies

Prabha Khoda passes away Veteran actress Dr. Jyotsna karyekara's Saturday night and were admitted to a private hospital in Mumbai brief. She was 82 years old. He is survived by actor-Dr. Yatin karyekara and cheerful, Dr. Chetan son, heard that the family and grandchildren. Andheri, Amboli in 'moksadhama' Dr. crematorium Sunday. Jyotsna karyekara of parthiva was cremated. DR. Jyotsna
karyekara the theater, film and acting from the series showing umatavila. 'Half-unfulfilled', 'glass moon', 'man of the island,' 'vultures', gaurai' plays some of his renowned. 'Story', 'truth', 'ash', 'passion' for their roles in the movies popular. "Playing with malikammadhunahi like Saathiya ',' peace ', they had to work.
'Ecaemavhi' Vasant Kamerkar company of his daughter was. If the home of the legendary singers of the concert rangaya Vasant Kamerkar of being trained well at home play.
This is the legacy of art Jyotsna karyekara and Sulabha Deshpande, sakharadande love, hope Dandawate or actress won an early age, their sisters. Has developed his own identity in the field of acting all the sisters. Jyotsna karyekara will remember forever by all acting in the Hindi series. They will remember forever all star plasavarila Apeal Construction grandparents 'Kahaani Ghar Ghar' in this series. 'Dramatic procession of the king' malikammadhyehi like they played a dominant role.

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