Friday 5 May 2017

Lion actor Sunny Pawar chosen for Rising Star Award in the UK

Lion actor Sunny Pawar chosen for Rising Star(उभरता सितारा) Award in the UK

Child actor Sunny Pawar, best known for his performance (प्रदर्शन) in the Oscar-nominated film Lion, has been chosen for the Rising Star Award here. The award will be presented to Sunny at the 7th Annual Asian Awards on Friday, the organisers announced today. Sunny, grew up in the Mumbai slums, shot to global fame with his role in the Australian drama where he worked alongside (साथ - साथ) award-winning actors Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman. He was cast as young Saroo Brierley in the true life drama. Sunny’s performance was praised by Hollywood celebrities like Viola Davis, Andrew Garfield, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and late night talk-show host, Jimmy Kimmel, who re-enacted a scene from The Lion King with the child star at the 89th Academy Awards.

Sunny’s upcoming film “Love Sonia” is set to release in 2017 and features Demi Moore and Freida Pinto. “The Asian Awards prides itself on honouring people who have achieved the highest levels in their craft. We have been waiting for someone to come along whose debut fits that description in order to justify (औचित्य साबित) creating the Rising Star Award. Finally, we have found that achievement in Sunny Pawar,” said Paul Sagoo, Founder of The Asian Awards.

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