Friday 28 April 2017

PLA to reorganize into just 13 groups

PLA to reorganize into just 13 groups

China's army is to be reorganized(पुनर्गठित) in a new military reform. Defense Ministry Spokesperson (प्रवक्ता) Yang Yujun said the PLA's 18 groups would be scaled down(नीचे आया) to just 13, adding that the move was crucial (महत्वपूर्ण)for the army to transition from "quantity-oriented(मात्रा-उन्मुख) " to "quality- and efficacy-oriented(गुणवत्ता- और प्रभावकारिता उन्मुख)".

Earlier this month, China announced a major restructuring of its army into 84 military units, under five regional commands. The restructuring also involves more advanced equipment and a greater emphasis on new capabilities, such as cyberspace, electronics and information warfare. China is also in the process of cutting the size of its military by 300-thousand troops.

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