Friday 28 April 2017

Kerala hosts country’s first-ever athletics meet for transgender persons

Kerala hosts country’s first-ever athletics meet for trans gender persons

At least 132 people on Friday participated (समभाग लेना) in the first-ever athletics meet for trans gender persons organised by the Kerala government at Trivandrum’s Central Stadium. The first-of-its-kind tournament saw them taking part in popular track and field events such as sprint(पूरे वेग से दौड़ना), relay race, shot put and long jump. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs AC Moideen and the Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran were part of the organising committee. Each district council in Kerala appointed a coach and allotted a ground for the participants to train for three days before the tournament, reported dna. 

Event co-ordinator Anil Arjunan said the State Sports Commission held workshops for coaches and sports authorities before the event. “Coaches from all the districts were invited to Thiruvananthapuram,” he told DNA. “We told them who is a transgender is, as it is an umbrella term, and discussed the issues that the community faces and factors that have stopped them from participating in sports.” 

The initiative was welcomed by members of the marginalised (हाशिये पर) community. “I had been selected in the state team for 400m relay at the age of 15,” Sreekutty, a participant, told The Times of India. “In the years that followed, I had to take a back seat from such sports events due to persistent social stigma. After these many years I am so excited (उत्साहित) to participate in a sports meet. This time, I am going to try my luck in shot put.’’

Definitions of sprint पूरे वेग से दौड़ना

an act or short spell of running at full speed.
During the last 10 seconds of your 60-second recovery jog, crank up the speed for your next sprint .
run at full speed over a short distance.
I saw Charlie sprinting through the traffic toward me.
synonyms: run, race, dart, rush, dash, hasten, hurry, scurry, scamper, hare, bolt, fly, gallop, career, charge, shoot, hurtle, speed, zoom, go like lightning, go hell-bent for leather, go like the wind, jog, trot, tear, pelt, scoot, hotfoot it, belt, zip, whip, bomb, hightail it, barrel

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