Friday 28 April 2017

4th National Standards Conclave

4th National Standards Conclave 

Department of Commerce, Government of India in collaboration with Confederation (परिसंघ के साथ सहयोग) of Indian Industry (CII), Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the National Accreditation
(मान्यता)Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) and other knowledge partners is organizing the 4th National Standards Conclave on 1-2 May 2017 at New Delhi. The objective of the two day Conclave is to bring awareness and prepare Industries, Central Government Ministries, State Governments, regulatory/standards setting and conformity assessment bodies on the growing importance of “Standards” in the changing scenario(दृश्य योजना) of global trade.
The Standards Conclave is being held in the backdrop of diminishing importance of tariffs and rising influence of standards and regulation both in goods and services trade.
It must be recognized that the days of differential standards – low for domestic market and high for exports - are over and if the Indian industry has to survive and thrive, it has to adopt global standards. The Ministries/regulators/state governments have to also realize that their initiatives and schemes have to be built around global standards if they have to succeed in their objectives.
 A good standards regime shall fulfill the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister for “Make in India” campaign. It would also help in preventing flooding of domestic market with unsafe/sub-standard imports at the expense of our domestic industry as well as consumers.
Our collective endeavor has to be in creating an ecosystem where adoption of appropriate standards leads to a sense of pride and has in-built incentive for the Industry. The Conclave would also aim at preparing an Indian National Strategy for Standardization (INSS) document to  enable the development of  a harmonized, dynamic, and  mature standards ecosystem in India 

The conclave will have 9 sessions spread (विस्तार) over 2 days:

                                i.            Inaugural session
                              ii.            Session 1: Theme paper on National Strategy on Standards
                            iii.            Session 2: Standards as drivers/disruptors of international trade
                            iv.            Session 3: MSME’s and Standards – gap analysis for an Indian National Standards Strategy
                              v.            Session 4: Standards in goods: Addressing issues in a policy framework
                            vi.            Session 5: Risk assessment in agri-food trade and policy options
                          vii.            Session 6: Services Sector: A robust standards ecosystem and conformity assessment within a policy framework: (Tourism, Medical Value Travel, and Education)
                        viii.            Session 7: Digital and IT standards: Meeting Future Challenges
                            ix.            Session 8: Standards for Skills and skills based services
                              x.            Session 9: Way Forward

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