Monday, 6 March 2017

Punjab, J&K seal fresh deal on Shahpur Kandi project

Punjab, J&K seal fresh deal on Shahpur Kandi project

A fresh agreement between Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir was signed this afternoon for the completion of the Shahpur Kandi Dam project, 11 km downstream(बहाव के साथ) Ranjit Sagar Dam, work on which was abandoned(त्यागा हुआ) two years ago following a dispute. The pact, signed between Punjab’s Secretary (Irrigation) KS Pannu and his counterpart in J&K Saurabh Bhagat in the presence of Centre’s representative Dr Amarjit Singh, will have to be ratified by the respective state governments. The project is worth Rs 2,285 crore. About 206 MW of power is to be generated by this hydro-power project on the Ravi. Punjab has been insisting on its early completion to stop the Ravi waters from flowing into Pakistan via the Madhopur headworks in Pathankot.
Sources said the Prime Minister’s Office had intervened(हस्तक्षेप किया)to get the agreement signed afresh. The PM wants to maximise the use of the Indus, Jhelam and Chenab waters when the states concerned are not even able to contain the flow of the Ravi into Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan are expected to discuss issues related to the Indus waters later this month.
Earlier, several meetings between Punjab Chief Secretary Sarvesh Kaushal and his counterpart in J&K were held to clinch the issue. The J&K Government had been arguing that since Punjab had terminated all water  agreements in 2004 by enacting a law, the agreement on Shahpur Kandi too stood abrogated. Under the new agreement, the crest level of 398.40 metres, as
decided by the Chief Engineers of the two states, would be the basis for resuming work on the project. Consequently, the Central Water and Power Research Station would carry out a study to assess the crest levels of head regulators to ensure that the mandated share of 1,150 cusecs of water was available to J&K. 
Punjab will execute the project. A committee headed by a member of the Central Water Commission will monitor it.The balance cost on account of compensation for land acquisition in respect of Thein Dam would be borne by Punjab. Twenty per cent of power generated would be provided to J&K at the rate of Rs 3.50 per unit.

Definitions of abandoned त्यागा हुआ

having been deserted or cast off.
an abandoned car

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Definitions of intervene हस्तक्षेप किया

come between so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events.
he acted outside his authority when he intervened in the dispute

synonyms: intercede, involve oneself, get involved, interpose oneself, step in, mediate, referee, interfere, intrude, meddle, interrupt

occur in time between events.
to occupy the intervening months, she took a job in a hospital

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