Thursday, 2 March 2017

‘Net users to cross 45 cr. by June’

‘Net users to cross 45 cr. by June’ The number of Internet users in India will be about 450-465 million by June, up from 432 million in December 2016, according to an IAMAI-IMRB report. “The growth of Internet usage in India is mainly being fuelled by the rural sector, [and] the urban user base is starting to level out... ,” it said. Of the 432 million users, about 269 million are estimated to be in the
urban areas of the country, while the remaining 163 million in the rural areas. The report added that urban India has close to 60% Internet penetration(प्रवेश) , reflecting a level of saturation(परिपूर्णता). Rural India, with only 17% penetration, “still has a large scope  development”.Further, the report found that 51% of urban Internet users (137.19 million) use Internet daily. On the other hand, 242 million, or 90% of the urban Internet users use Internet once a month. In rural India, 48% or around 78 million are daily Internet users and about 83% or 140 million of rural Internet users use the Net once a month.
‘Lack of awareness(जागरूकता) on benefits of Internet’ emerged(उभरा)  as the main reason for not using Internet among non-users in the country, followed by factors such as lack of knowledge of computers, the report said.

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