Thursday, 2 March 2017

International Boxing Academy

International Boxing Academy A tripartite (त्रिपक्षीय) MoU amongst AIBA (International Boxing Association), BFI (Boxing Federation of India) and SAI (Sports Authority of India) to set up an International Boxing Academy at Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi & Rajiv Gandhi Sports complex at Rohtak, Haryana was signed in the forenoon of 1st March 2017 in the presence of  Shri Injeti Srinivas,
Secretary (Sports) cum DG SAI in the office  of  Hon’ble Minister State for Sports & Youth Affairs , New Delhi . Hon’ble Minister of Sports could not attend the ceremony due to ill (बीमार) health.

The motto(सिद्धांत) of the academy will be to provide a single training method, through experienced coaches and with scientific support, which will cater identification and nurturing (पोषण) of young talent at both sub junior and junior levels. It will also train elite (अभिजात वर्ग) athletes on a run up to their preparations for International competitions. The International Boxing Academy will have satellite academies and 8 regional centres will be further developed under the Academy. 

The terms of MOU will be for 5 years with provision of renewal on mutual agreement. Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, President (AIBA) signed the MOU on behalf of International Boxing Association (AIBA) whereas Shri Ajay Singh, President (BFI) signed on behalf of Boxing Federation of India (BFI) & Shri Roque Dias, Executive Director for Special Project (SAI) on behalf of Sport Authority of India (SAI).

During the term, the three Parties shall be jointly responsible for implementation for the Development of World Class Boxing infrastructure(Boxing Gym & Rings etc) in India, Development of the Boxers, Coaches and RJS and providing the necessary facilities, Talent identification, Development and training of boxers with focus on Olympics 2020, Asian Games, Youth Olympics and other International Boxing Competitions, Getting foreign experts to the Academy to train the boxers, coaches and RJs, Sending Indian Coaches, RJs abroad to improve their knowledge, Development of coaching framework in India and Development of the academic programs and scientific aspects of training methodologies

Though India was not good in boxing initially but has a very good future. Mohammad Ali Qamar was the first Indian to win the gold medal at 2002 Commonwealth Games in UK. However in year 2008 Shri Vijender Singh secured a Bronze medal in Beijing Olympics. Thereafter India produced many boxers of International level like Mary Kom, Akhil Kumar, Jitender Kumar, A.L. Lakra, Dinesh Kumar, Pinki Jangra, Kavita Chahal, Sweety Bura, Shiva Thapa and L Devendro Singh.

Under the MOU,AIBA will Share its know how and knowledge about training methodology talent identification, high level training and development strategy(रणनीति), information related to the management of the International Boxing Academy at a high level Conduct training courses for coaches in order to develop the grassroots level of boxing in India, Assist in the preparation of a coaching framework for boxing in India, Assist in inviting foreign coaches or send Indian coaches abroad & Send experts/coaches/RJs twice a year for a period of 2 weeks to assist the RJS and coaches in training of boxers.

BFI will select the trainees for the International Boxing Academy in association with SAI Develop a Long Term Development Plan for the International Boxing Academy, Prepare a detailed plan for inviting other national and international boxers to the academy, & set up an evaluations system to monitor progress of the boxers.

 SAI will Provide all necessary infrastructures, boarding and lodging facilities to all trainees, sports equipments required at the Academy, necessary office equipment that is required to administer the academy, funds for coaches, administrative staff, support staff.

Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, President, AIBA  & Shri Ajay Singh, President, BFI promised full support for the international Boxing Academy. Shri Injeti Srinivas, Secretary (Sports) ensured that Ministry of Sports will provide full support to the Academy.

motto  सिद्धांत Definitions of motto
a short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution.
the school motto, “Serve and obey”
synonyms: maxim, saying, proverb, aphorism, adage, saw, axiom, apophthegm, formula, expression, phrase, dictum, precept, slogan, catchphrase, mantra, truism, cliché, platitude 

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