Thursday, 10 November 2016

Airborne lasers to throw light on Rajgir’s history

Airborne lasers to throw light on Rajgir’s history. Archaeologists in India are planning to use exclusively high-end scanning lasers on airborne platforms to conduct survey of the archaeological evidence, flora and fauna in the Rajgir hills, Bihar under the Rajgir Archaeological Survey Project (RASP). As part of the project, Archaeologists have planned to use Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), which is a remote-sensing technique that makes use of laser light to sample the earth’s surface.
iii. RASP is a joint-effort of the Society and Nalanda University in co-ordination with Bihar’s Ministry of Art, Culture and Youth.
iv. Rajgir is a city in Bihar’s Nalanda district famous for its temples and monasteries and highly known to be associated with Lord Buddha and Buddhism.

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