Wednesday 30 November 2016

Chennai boy breaks Rubik's Cube national speed record

The fastest time taken to solve a Rubik's Cube by a person in India is 5.72 seconds -- a feat achieved by Chennai boy Vijay Kishore. The eighteen-year-old from SRM University set the new National record this year on November 26 at a competition held at Montefort School in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, by solving the Rubik's cube in an attempt that broke the earlier record of 6.56 seconds. The world record
of 4.904 seconds is held by an American teenager Lucas Etter. Kishore was engrossed in five rounds of speed tests with 98 other participants in the intense competition. He now ranks 3rd in Asia and 13th in the world, according to the World Cube Association.

The Rubik's Cube is an object that consists of six faces, each having nine squares of a colour that can be turned in opposing directions. The objective is to rotate the faces until they have returned to the original position, ie all nine squares of one side are of a single colour.

More than 43 quintillion combinations of the coloured squares are possible. The number of cube combinations could cover our planet in 275 layers of Cubes. The Earth would then be covered with a 20-metre-high layer of Rubik's Cubes.

This mind-intriguing puzzle had recently made news not because of humans, but because of robots beating world records!

Talking about robots solving the cube, the Sub1 robot achieved the fastest record in January -- just 0.887 seconds.

In November, the 'Sub1 Reloaded' beat that record and solved the Cube in just 0.637 seconds.

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