Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Modi honours descendants of Odisha’s Paika rebellion martyrs

Modi honours descendants of Odisha’s Paika rebellion martyrs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lamented (विलाप किया) that narratives of India’s great freedom struggle were limited to few families, dynasties(राजवंशों) and events. “Unfortunately, narratives of our great freedom struggle were restricted to few families, few dynasties and few events in our country. But, the freedom struggle was people’s movements filled with sagas of dedications and sacrifices spanning over 700 to 800 years,” said Mr. Modi while felicitating descendants of 16 families associated with armed rebellion against British colonialism, called the Paika rebellion of 1817 and other freedom struggles of Odisha at Raj Bhawan in Bhubaneswar.

“For a self-respecting country like India, it is essential to recall all those incidents,” Mr. Modi said.

“In human history, the remembrance of history is important. We should always strive to go further up in development ladder and avoid sliding down. I feel privileged to have met the descendants of martyrs who fought in freedom struggle,” the Prime Minister said.

Stating that tribals in several States had fought against British for over 100-200 years ago, Mr. Modi said their contribution is unparalleled. “The contribution of the tribals to Indian freedom struggle is being showcased through a virtual museum in 50 prominent places.”

“The new generation should know the sacrifices made by all sections society. In Odisha, many were hanged and hundreds spent their life in prison,” he pointed out.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying obeisance at the Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar, Odisha on Sunday.   | Photo Credit: Biswaranjan Rout
Seeking blessings of descendants of martyrs associated armed rebellions, the Prime Minister said dedications and sacrifice made by their ancestors would be recognised when the country would celebrate 75th years of independence in 2022.

Dayananda Mohapatra, a descendant of Jayee Rajguru, who led the Paika rebellion, Subhalaxmi Dei Mohapatra and Baxi Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra successors of Baxi Jagabandhu, Lal Birendra Sai of Veer Surendra Sai, Mukunda Nayak of Saheed Laxman Nayak, Hajuri Bhimsen Khuntia of Chakhi Khuntia and Jageswar Majhi of Rendo Majhi were among who were felicitated by Mr. Modi.

“My great-great grandfather, Rendo Majhi had fought with Britshers in 1853 before being imprisoned deceitfully in 1855. Few were aware about the legend of bravery exhibited by Rendo Majhi 160 years ago. The recognition brought his sacrifice back to prominence again,” said Jogeswar Majhi, great-grandson of Rendo Majhi, who hails from Lubengarh of Kalahandi.

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