Friday 28 April 2017

Indian short film to be screened by Unesco in Indonesia

Indian short film to be screened(जांच की गई) by Unesco in Indonesia

Rahul V. Chittella's short film "Azaad", starring Atul Kulkarni and Sakshi Tanwar, will be screened by Unesco as part of a World Press Freedom Day event on May 3 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Apart from directing, Chittella, who was mentored by filmmaker Mira Nair for the film, has also written "Azaad". It tells the story of the dysfunctional relationship between a father and his son.

The event, being held to celebrate the principle of freedom of press, is taking place in Jakarta from May 1-4.

Chittella will also speak to the audiences on 'Artistic freedom in globalizing times' in-keeping with the theme of the day and the film, read a statement from the director's publicist.

"We are all so glad that the film has turned out to be an honest one and has connected with such a wide audience. It's a privilege to have an organisation like Unesco invite us to showcase our film," Chittella said.

He added: "The film speaks about freedom of expression in current times and what better way to share this with journalists across the globe."

"Azaad" is presented by Nair, and has been produced by Antara Banerjee and Naved Farooqui of Mastercut Pictures.

"We've received kind invitations from various film festivals across the globe, but this screening will remain special since we'll be showing the film to the fraternity to whom the film is dedicated," Banerjee said.

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