Friday 27 January 2017

Telangana ranks 2nd in Walnut’s cashless score card

Telangana ranks 2nd in Walnut’s cashless score card-top 3 -Gujarat, Telangana and Haryana . Telangana ranked second in the`Cashless India Scorecard’ prepared by Walnut app to track the growth of digital payments in the country.The scorecard is meant for comparing how each state is moving towards a cashless economy post- demonetisation based on an aggregate and anonymised
analysis of Walnut’s over five million user data.It ranked States based on percentage increase in overall cashless transactions, growth in shoppers using debit or credit card for the first time and growth in merchants accepting digital payments. Based on these parameters Gujarat, Telangana and Haryana emerged as the top three states with the highest growth in going cashless.

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