Saturday 25 June 2016

BRAHMOS integrates cruise missile on Su-30

BrahMos Aerospace on Saturday successfully demonstrated the integration of the world's most formidable supersonic cruise missile system BRAHMOS on the frontline strike fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force Sukhoi-30. With Saturday's successful flight, the Brahmos air version programme now inches closer towards actual test firing when a 2.5-ton BRAHMOS air-to-ground missile will be
fired from the Sukhoi-30 in the coming months. This technological feat will go down in the history as first in the World combination of supersonic cruise missile with a long range fighter aircraft. The powerful missile will enable the IAF to penetrate deep inside the enemy territory to deliver a deadly blow to their vital installations from stand-off ranges. The Sukhoi-BRAHMOS combination will carry out air combat operations within and beyond visibility range and will provide the IAF with the capability of attacking targets protected by powerful air defence assets.

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