Tuesday 25 April 2017

Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha gets 1-year extension

Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha gets 1-year extension(विस्तार)

The country’s topmost bureaucrat(नौकरशाह), Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha, has got a one-year extension, the Prime Minister-headed Appointments Committee of the Cabinet ordered Monday. Sinha was appointed Cabinet Secretary in June 2015. While the post generally comes with a two-year term, in Sinha’s case the tenure(कार्यकाल) was not mentioned during his appointment. Sinha’s predecessor, Ajit Seth, who had been appointed during the UPA tenure, also served with extensions for four years well into the NDA regime(शासन). Sinha is the country’s 31st Cabinet Secretary, who reports directly to the Prime Minister. The 1977-batch IAS officer had been the Power Secretary and has held many positions, starting his three-decade career in the Uttar Pradesh cadre.

During British colonial rule in India, the agency that carried out governmental business was called the Governor-General-in Council. In 1946, the Council was renamed the Cabinet Secretariat.

N. R. Pillai 6 February 1950 13 May 1953 He was a member of the Indian Civil Service. He is the first head of the civil service since Independence of India and is also the first from the state of Kerala to hold this post.

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