Monday, 13 February 2017

Assam to Raise a Wild Sanctuary to Grow Muga Cocoon

Assam to Raise(बढ़ाना)  a Wild Sanctuary to Grow Muga Cocoon
The state government of Assam has decided to set up a Wild Sanctuary (जंगली अभयारण्य) to grow Muga cocoon in an effort to give more exposure (अनावरण) to Muga, Eri and Silk Products. The programme have been launched under the Assam Silk Outreach (बढ़ जाना) Mission to promote
products made of Muga, silk and Eri.  The government would plant about 25 lakh trees to get the Eri and Muga cocoons. For this, Yarn Banks have been set up at nine districts and the remaining districts will be covered soon.  Famous Assam Silks include Golden Muga, white Pat and warm (गरम) Eri silk.

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