Monday, 6 March 2017

Karun Nair signs endorsement deal with DNI Home Theatre

Karun Nair signs endorsement (समर्थन) deal with DNI Home Theatre 

Karun Nair, the right handed batsman who burst into the limelight(सुर्खियां) during the final test match against England in December 2016, has landed his first individual endorsement deal. Nair, who debuted (शुरू हुआ) in tests against England in November 2016, holds the distinction of being only the third player in international cricket to convert his maiden century into a triple tonne during the final test against England. He has signed a one year deal with DNI Home Theatre. DNI is a home Solution brand specialising in Home theatre, Home Auto mation, A/V Distribution & Home Security. Based out of Bangalore it is the official distributor for leading brands like BOSE, FOCAL, Yamaha among others. The yearlong deal will see Nair give one on-ground appearance on behalf of the brand, and social media activation, including a digital promotional campaign. 

“Karun (Nair) has been touring(दौरा) with the Indian team and has played in the IPL (Indian Premier League) since 2012. He is young, yet mature and doesn’t buckle under pressure. He is calm and collected. His positioning, apart from being a mature head on young shoulders, is also driven by his individuality. While he has been around the team for long, he is also trying to make his own place and identity,” says Atul Srivastava, chairman, Gaames Group, the company that manages Nair’s endorsements. 

Srivastava adds, “In addition to finding a fit with respect to the qualities I mentioned, with DNI, there is a distinct local connect. Karun has been associated through appearances and in various other ways with Bengaluru FC (a football team in the I-League) and the Bengaluru team in the Premier Badminton League. DNI has a huge presence in the south, especially in Bengaluru.”

While Srivastava remained mum on the financials of the deal, industry estimates peg it at close to Rs 40 lakh for the year. While it may not seem like a record breaking deal, it is in fact among the more expensive deals signed by brands for a new/young cricketer. His peers like Ravindra Jadeja, KL Rahul and Ccheteshwar Pujara are yet to sign an individual deal of this value. Also, deals usually call for a 4 or 5 day commitment per year, while this one is just for a day. Seniors like R Ashwin (also handled by Gaames), Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma charge between around Rs 1 to 1.5 crore a year depending on the terms of the deal. 

Apart from this, Nair does endorse some international brands like Nike as part of the team endorsement. This however is his first individual endorsement and if all goes to plan. Reveals Srivastava, a couple more could fructify in the couple months.

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