Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dr Reddy's Lab acquires Kolkata-based NBFC

Dr Reddy's Lab acquires (का अधिग्रहण) Kolkata-based NBFC

Dr Reddy 's Laboratories today announced that it has acquired 100 per cent stake in Imperial(शाही) Credit Private Ltd, a Kolkata-based non-banking finance company. The acquisition was for a
consideration(विचार) of Rs 2.05 crore. "The acquisition process was consummated (समाप्त) on receipt of applicable regulatory approvals. The company proposes to undertake the group's captive financial activities through this entity," Dr Reddy's Laboratories said in a regulatory filing.

Imperial शाही Definitions of imperial
of or relating to an empire.
Britain's imperial era
synonyms: royal, regal, monarchical, sovereign, kingly, queenly, princely
of, relating to, or denoting the system of nonmetric weights and measures (the ounce, pound, stone, inch, foot, yard, mile, acre, pint, gallon, etc.) formerly used for all measures in the UK, and still used for some.
In the imperial system, 36 inches are 1 yard and 1760 yards are 1 mile.
a small pointed beard growing below the lower lip (associated with Napoleon III of France).
The poet wore a luxuriant black moustache and imperial , and a slouched hat which shaded the forehead.

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