Sunday 6 November 2016

Online platform Nyaaya expanding indian laws launched

The internet is a huge space, rich in knowledge and resources. It is also a dark place where information is unfiltered and not always student-friendly.India Grid for Learning, launched by INGEGNO, is an education marketplace and Online platform Nyaaya expanding indian laws launchedIdentity Access Management (IAM) platform in India, that aims at creating a continuous synchronised teaching and learning experience for
educators, institutions and schools.It provides an ecosystem offering content and technological solutions for education corporate and public enterprises for technology-enabled learning and teaching experiences in India.
iv. India Grid will also provide an opportunity for Indian and global content owners and educational technology companies to display their offerings to the varied Indian market.
v. IGFL will not only be a platform to monitor the progress a student has made but also suggest effective methods to choose courses over a period of time.

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