Saturday 12 November 2016

'First bullet train to run in India by 2023'

India will have its first high speed bullet train in operation by 2023. Japan, which is building the Mumbai Ahmedabad high-speed train corridor has assured that the work will commence in 2018 and completed in 5 years time. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accompanied Prime Minister Modi in a Shinkansen train journey from Tokyo to Kobe.  Terming the ambitious project symbol of a new dimension in the special
relations between the two countries Abe also said that it will spurt economic growth in India as it did in Japan way back in1964. Actually the journey of two nations as far as bullet train are concerned goes well beyond the distance between Tokyo and Kobe.

It extends to the commencement of work on the first ever Bullet train route in India. 

India and Japan have made considerable progress as far as the The ambitious Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project is concerned. 

At the joint press conference with PM Narendra Modi, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe revealed that the Consultancy work on the project will start in December this year and the construction will begin by the end of 2018. 

The ground breaking ceremony will happen in 2017 and the line will become operational in 2023. 

A task force for transfer of technology and ' make in india ' will also be set up. It will have representatives of both countries. 

PM Modi Shinkansen train, whose speed ranges from 240 kms per hour to 320 kms per hour are considered the best in the field of high speed trains and have an undisputable safety and unmatched reliability record in the world. Speed comes with safety and stability in the Shinkansen. 

The two leaders emphasised the critical importance of human resource development in high speed rail technology, operation and maintenance in a planned manner, including the commencement of preliminary work on establishment of HSR Institute and development of its training programme. 

Abe has said that the project symbolises a new dimension in the special relations between the two countries and hoped that introduction of the rapid train network will spur further economic growth in India as he recalled that such a thing had happened in Japan when high speed rail system 'Shinkansen' was introduced in 1964. 

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