Friday, 30 September 2016

Lalu Yadav's Partyman Shahabuddin Surrenders After Supreme Court Cancels His Bail

NEW DELHI:  Mohammad Shahabuddin, a controversial politician of Lalu Yadav's party in Bihar, surrendered after three weeks of freedom after the Supreme Court today cancelled his bail. "Take him into custody immediately," the court told the Bihar government. A man whose three sons were allegedly killed on Mr Shahabuddin's orders had petitioned against his release on bail. A former
lawmaker, Mohammad Shahabuddin is accused in over 40 cases of murder, extortion and kidnapping. He walked out of prison on September 7 after 11 years, staging a massive show of strength and also challenging Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who was credited with ending what many describe as the gangster-turned-politician's reign of terror.

"My supporters will teach (Nitish Kumar) a lesson in the next polls," Mr Shahabuddin told reporters.

His release deepened the fault lines in the alliance between Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav, who joined hands last November to form a government after a history of enmity.

Mr Kumar was accused by the opposition of giving in to pressure from his coalition partner and facilitating Mr Shahabuddin's bail by putting up a weak case in court.

Denying the allegation, the Bihar government petitioned the court to cancel the politician's bail but was repeatedly rebuked by the top court, which questioned: "Were you in slumber till he got bail?"
After one such court admonition earlier this week, Mr Kumar said there is "no place for dons in Bihar and if any such person is seen roaming free, he would have to go to jail."
Mr Shahabuddin got bail in a murder case because the trial had not begun. The case involves the murder of Rajiv Roshan, the oldest son of Chandrakeshwar Prashad, who petitioned against the politician's bail.

Rajiv, a witness to the murder of his two brothers in 2004, was shot dead in 2014.

After his release, Mohammad Shahabuddin was spotted with wanted criminals in more embarrassment for the ruling coalition.  

Lalu Yadav's Partyman Shahabuddin Surrenders After Supreme Court Cancels His Bail

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