Friday 12 May 2017

Bengaluru ranked world's most affordable tech city

Bengaluru ranked world's most affordable(सस्ती) tech city

India’s silicon city tops a list of 22 tech cities across the world in affordable living. However, it ranks low in many other respects. The average house rent in Bengaluru, the only Indian city to make it to the list, is Rs 15,250, while in San Francisco, it is Rs 50,000. Bengaluru is cheaper than Cape Town, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Berlin, according to the Savills Tech Cities Index. The index ranks tech cities on parameters grouped under five categories. Bengaluru’s cost advantage is offset by bad traffic: a commute to work takes longer here than in New York and Copenhagen.

While the average commute time across cities is 32 minutes, it takes 47 minutes for a techie in Bengaluru to reach work. Overall, Bengaluru ranks a low 20th among successful tech cities in the world, with Austin topping the list, followed by San Francisco and New York. Bengaluru ranks lowest in the ‘city buzz and wellness’ category. Wellness is judged on the basis of urban environment; it takes into account pollution levels, green cover, crime, access to healthcare, pay equality and commute time. ‘City buzz’ looks at variety of entertainment, shopping, nightlife, art and cultural experiences. Berlin tops this list, followed by London and Tokyo.

Bengaluru stands 19th in the ‘business environment’ category, evaluated(का मूल्यांकन) in terms of investment avenues and research and development. New York, London and Tokyo bag top places in this category. The ‘tech environment’ category refers to the size and value of the tech infrastructure. Bengaluru comes second last in a list topped by San Francisco. The city ranks 17th in the ‘talent pool’ category, defined by immigration(आप्रवासन) and talent attractiveness and higher education opportunities. This category is topped by Boston followed by Tel Aviv and Singapore.

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