Monday, 24 April 2017

IBM partners IIITM-Kerala for water quality measurement system

IBM partners IIITM-Kerala for water quality measurement(माप) system

Tech giant(विशाल) IBM has partnered Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala (IIITM-K) to develop a system that will monitor quality and presence of metals in water in real-time.The system, powered by IBM’s Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, will continuously monitor quality of water to ensure that standard levels are not exceeded as prescribed by agencies, IBM said in a statement. The parameters include measuring temperature, pH and the presence of various metal/non-metal substances in the water. The system will support data analysis in real-time and trigger alerts if there are anomalies in the water samples. The project will also incorporate a pre-screening mechanism to test the water quality of mobile water distribution systems. 

“The conventional method of testing water quality is often inaccessible and time consuming. In this context, Swatchpaani offers a convenient(सुविधाजनक), mobile, quick and cost effective solution for the pre-screening of water samples,” IIITM-K Principal Investigator (Swatchpaani Project) Dr Asharaf said.

The Swachpaani project is one such result on Watson IoT that demonstrates the impact technology can bring to the life of an individual, IBM India Manager University Relations Devkant Aggarwal said.

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