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Conduct NEET in Urdu in 2018-19: SC

Conduct NEET in Urdu in 2018-19: SC

In a big relief to Urdu medium students, the Supreme Court on Thursday directed(निर्देशित) the Centre and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to induct(शामिल करना) Urdu as a medium of language for NEET 2018-19. However, the court agreed with the CBSE’s stand that it was too late in the day to accommodate Urdu in the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test scheduled for May 2017. The Board also said that holding supplementary(अनुपूरक) exams exclusively(विशेष रूप से) for Urdu medium students for NEET 2017 would “dilute” the sanctity of the exam.

Short period

The CBSE said that preparing for and arranging security for over 3,000 Urdu students to take their NEET exams within such a short span of time run the risk of becoming a haphazard exercise.

A Bench led by Justice Dipak Misra said it could not ask the government and the CBSE to work “miracles” and include Urdu in the current NEET, a single window exam for professional medical course.

Solicitor-General Ranjit Kumar, appearing for the Centre, told the court that they were not opposed to the suggestion of conducting NEET examination in Urdu medium from the next academic year onwards.

The court was hearing a petition filed by the Students Islamic Organisation of India, which argued(तर्क दिया) that Urdu should be made a medium of language for the NEET as courses like Unani medicine was studied in Urdu.

“The present situation is incongruous as Urdu medium students are unable to participate in NEET to study a course [Unani medicine] which is taught in Urdu,” the petitioner’s lawyer submitted.

At present, NEET is being conducted in 10 languages — Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Odiya, Bengali, Assamese, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.

Definitions of induct शामिल करना

admit (someone) formally to a position or organization.
each worker, if formally inducted into the Mafia, is known as a “soldier.”
synonyms: admit to, allow into, introduce to, initiate into, install in, instate in, swear into, appoint to install in a seat or room.

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