Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tribal festival ‘Bhagoria’ Begins in Jhabua

Tribal festival ‘Bhagoria’ Begins in Jhabua

Bhagoria Festival, also known as Bhagoria Haat Festival(त्यौहार) , celebrated by the tribal people of the Indian state Madhya Pradesh began on March 6, 2017 in Jhabua district. The festival which has been
organized at 34 places in the state is celebrated in the month of March before the Holi Festival by the local tribes called Bhils and Bhilalas.
iii. The week-long festival is organised at different Bhagoria haats (local markets) in the form of Svayamvara or Marriage Ceremony (समारोह) located in Jhabua, Alirajpur, Dhar, Khargone and Barwani districts in western Madhya Pradesh. During this festival, young boys and girls of Bhils and Bhilalas tribe(जनजाति)  are allowed to run away after choosing their partners and are later on accepted as husband and wife by the society through pre-arranged customs(रूढ़ि) .  

Definitions of customs  रूढ़ि
the official department that administers and collects the duties levied by a government on imported goods.
cocaine seizures by customs have risen this year

Definitions of festival त्यौहार

a day or period of celebration, typically a religious commemoration.
a tabulation of saints' days and other festivals
synonyms: fair, carnival, fiesta, jamboree, celebrations, festivities, fest; holy day, feast day, saint's d day of observance

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