Tuesday, 7 March 2017

India & Oman Explore Ways to Enhance Defence Ties

India & Oman Explore Ways to Enhance(बढ़ाना)  Defence Ties

India and Oman have decided to enhance bilateral cooperation between their navies on March 2, 2017 during the visit of Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lamba to Oman to discuss strategically important
regional issues. Lamba met Oman’s Defence Minister Bader al Busaidi, Commander of Royal Navy of Oman and Rear Admiral Abdullah bin Khamis Al Raisi on the second-leg of his two-day visit to Oman.
The two sides deliberated (विचार-विमर्श किया) on strengthening the cooperation between their navies.
in the backdrop of the fast evolving security scenario(परिदृश्य) in the region. Earlier, Lamba visited UAE to meet the top officials of UAE’s defence establishment and discussed ways to deepen the strategic partnership between the two nations.

Definitions of scenario परिदृश्य

a written outline of a movie, novel, or stage work giving details of the plot and individual scenes.
imagine the scenarios for four short stories
synonyms: plot, outline, synopsis, storyline, framework, screenplay, script, libretto, diegesis

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