Friday, 24 February 2017

Kerala accepts proposal to set up State Sex Offenders Registry

Kerala accepts proposal to set up State Sex Offenders Registry THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A week after the submission of a proposal to set up State Sex Offenders Registry, the first of its kind in the country by Kerala Nirbhaya project honorary director Sunitha Krishnan, the state government has accepted it and plans to take it forward. When contacted, Sunitha Krishnan who also runs an organisation Prajwala for rehabilitation(पुनर्वास)  of the survivors of sexual assault(हमला) and human
trafficking of girls and women in Hyderabad, told TOI that she had a given a proposal to the chief minister for setting up a State Sex Offenders (अपराधियों) Registry and to provide interim relief (राहत) to the victims based on the severity of the crime. "I am humbled that the Kerala government has accepted the proposal for setting up State Sex Offenders Registry and to provide interim relief to the victims(पीड़ितों) ," she said. "The State Sex Offenders Registry will be a Public Repository of Convicted sex offenders, stalkers, molesters and caught tor voyeurism, repeat offenders based on the severity of the crime. It is not meant to brand anyone, but meant to reform and for long time tracking of the culprits," Sunitha Krishnan said. "The convicts should know that they have done wrong and such a registry in the public domain will act as a social deterrent," she said. "Not that anybody can do anything and get away with it. Not that everybody will keep quiet and that the offenders will continue to do it forever. Victims of sexual violence and trafficking have fought a long battle for years and many silently, it is time to ensure that offenders behind that are brought to book and punished," she said. Part of the proposal for Interim relief to the victim is also based on the severity of the crime. The amount of interim relief can vary based on the severity of the crime - It could be heinous rape, dowry death or acid attack yet it could be based on the example of scale drawn in other states of the country wherein it is about Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh, she said. Soon after the crime is established, may be through forensic reports, the interim relief should reach the victim, she added.
When contacted, Social Justice department director TV Anupama told TOI that "the State led by the Governor has announced it and to take it forward we from Social Justice department will hold discussions with the stakeholders, mainly Police department".

assault हमला Definitions of assault
a physical attack.
his imprisonment for an assault on the film director
synonyms: battery, violence, sexual assault, rape
a concerted attempt to do something demanding.
a winter assault on Mt. Everest
make a physical attack on.
he pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer
synonyms: attack, hit, strike, punch, beat up, thump, pummel, pound, batter, clout, wallop, belt, clobber, hammer, bop, sock, deck, slug, plug, lay into, do over, rough up, smite; rape, sexually assault, molest

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