Friday 28 October 2016

Maritime security committee gets govt nod

PANAJI: The state cabinet on Friday approved the formation of the Goa State Maritime Security Committee (GSMSC) to enhance the coordination between various security agencies, including the state and central government, for better coastal security. The 23-member committee, which is headed by the chief secretary and which includes the vice chairman-secretary of ports, navy, army, Goa
police, commissioner of customs, commissioner special bureau, among others, will review the timely implementation of various proposals pertaining to maritime coastal security.
The committee has been formed to ensure effective co-ordination among various state government agencies and central government agencies on vital maritime issues such as marine pollution control, marine environment protection, fisheries development etc.
The committee will also review security arrangements and regulatory aspects of the coastal and riverine zone of Goa and recommend actions necessary in the interest of maritime security.

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