Friday 28 October 2016

ICICI Bank UK launches ‘Money2India Europe’ in Sweden, Norway and Denmark

The British subsidiary of ICICI Bank, ICICI Bank UK Plc announced the launch of online money transfer services to facilitate transaction from any bank accounts in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to any recipent account based in India.The service called ‘Money2India Europe’ verifies the credentials of the customers over video call from Money2India Europe website. The website is owned by ICICI Bank
UK Plc and it eliminates the need to courier the Know Your Customer (KYC) documents.
iv. Money2India Europe service is now available in 20 countries in Europe and the service is completely online and can be completed within 15 minutes.
v. ICICI Bank UK Plc has partnered with Inpay A/S, a global payments service provider, to bring this service to consumers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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