Monday 8 May 2017

Maha govt ties up with WHO for eradication of Rubella

Maha govt ties up with WHO for eradication (नाश) of Rubella

Maharashtra government has tied up with World Health Organisation (WHO) for eradication of Rubella measles and will start vaccination (टीका) drive from March 2018, Health Minister Deepak Sawant said today. "Children aged between 9 months to 15 years, will be vaccinated for Rubella under this campaign across the state," Sawant said.The infection is carried by Rubella virus. WHO's, India representative, Henk Bekedam, today discussed with Sawant the detailed plan of the campaign. WHO the umbrella body of the healthcare sector around the world, stresses on mass vaccination campaigns across the globe as a preventive measure. 

Speaking on the Rubella vaccination campaign Bekedam said, "From next year WHO, would be carrying out mass vaccination campaign against Rubella measles in Maharashtra with the help of the state government." 

He complimented Maharashtra government for its 'Mahatma Phule Janaarogya Abhiyan'. 

Bekedam said, "Under this health scheme treatment, free operations are going to be conducted which will help the people. Preventive action is better as it protects people from the suffering." 

Speaking about the vaccination drive in the state, Sawant admitted that the state government is finding it difficult to carry out vaccination drives in small towns due to manpower crunch, issue of logistics and non-availability of skilled persons.

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