Wednesday, 10 May 2017

India’s Harpreet Singh wins bronze in Asian Wrestling Championship

Harpreet Singh opens India’s account

Harpreet Singh provided the bronze medal start for the host by winning a thrilling (रोमांचकारी) 3-2 decision over Junjie Na of China in the 80kg category of the Greco-Roman in the Asian Wrestling Championship at the K.D. Jadhav arena in the Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex on Wednesday.  Considering that Greco-Roman is hardly India’s forte, it was creditable(श्रेयस्कर) that the host managed to put two wrestlers in the fight for a medal through repechage on the opening day where the competition was restricted to five weight categories.

However, Gurpreet Singh, who had lost 6-8 in a close quarterfinal to Maxat Yerezhepov of Kazakhstan, the eventual(अंतिम) champion in the 75 kg category, was a disapointment in the bronze medal bout as he was outclassed in no time and lost 8-0 by technical fall to Bing Yan of China. He had won the qualification round against Dilshodjon Turdiev of Uzbekistan in the morning and the repechage against Bungo Beishalev of Kyrgyzstan, to be eligible for the bronze match.

Strong comeback

Harpreet, who had beaten Yuya Maeta of Japan 2-1 in the morning’s preliminary round, lost his quarterfinal bout to Junehyoung Ki of Korea 8-1 by technical fall, and did well to make it to the bronze contest.

He showed considerable alacrity to gain two points in the second round of the medal match after being level at 1-1 against the Chinese, and managed to see through the time even as the Chinese fought to bridge the gap.

Hardeep Singh also made it to the repechage, in the 98 kg category, but lost 9-0 by technical fall to Yerulan Iskakov of Kazakhstan. He had lost to Seyedmostafa Seyedgharibar Salehizadeh of Iran in the quarterfinals, but the latter went on to make the final and revived the Indian grappler’s chances.

In a small field of seven in the 130 kg section, Naveen lost 2-1 on points to Muminjon Abdullaev of Uzbekistan in the qualification stage.

In the 66 kg category, Ravinder Khatri lost 5-3 on points to Ali Reizollah Arsalan of Iran in the quarterfinals.

Korea won the first gold medal of the championship as Sanghun Oh beat Alimat Kebispayev of Kazakhstan in the 66 kg section.

Maxat Yerezhepov beat Korean Park Daeseung for gold in the 75 kg section.

Definitions of eventual अंतिम

occurring at the end of or as a result of a series of events; final; ultimate.
it's impossible to predict the eventual outcome of the competition

synonyms: final, ultimate, concluding, closing, end, resulting, ensuing, consequent, subsequent

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