Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Musician Kalikaprasad passes away in car accident, band members serious

Musician Kalikaprasad passes away in car accident, band members serious

The industry is still shell shocked (चौंका) at the sudden demise (निधन) of Dohar's frontman and noted singer Kalikaprasad Bhattacharje's this morning in a car accident near Gurap in Hoogly. It is reported that the car was speeding at 90 km/hr when a tyre gave colliding (टकराने) with a culvert (पूल) and thereafter rolling over and falling into the Nayanjuli river in the Hooghly district of West Bengal, leading to his death. Six other band members of Dohaar, who were also travelling with him in the car, were immediately admitted to the Bardhaman Medical Hospital for treatment(उपचार). Kalikaprasad was declared dead on arrival while conditions of others continue to remain extremely critical.
CM Mamata Banerjee has expressed grief on the musician's demise and has extended condolences to his family.

Definitions of collide टकराने
hit with force when moving.
she collided with someone
synonyms: crash into, hit, strike, impact, run into, bump into, meet head-on, cannon into, plow into, barrel into

Definitions of shock (चौंका) 
cause (someone) to feel surprised and upset.
she was shocked at the state of his injuries
collide violently.
carriage after carriage shocked fiercely against the engine
arrange (sheaves of grain) in a shock.
Michael showed me how to cut oats with the horse-drawn grain binder and shock the bundles to dry.

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