Wednesday, 1 March 2017

India-Israel Celebrates 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations in New Delhi

India-Israel Celebrates 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations in New Delhi

India and Israel celebrated 25 years of establishment of their diplomatic (राजनयिक) relations on February 28, 2017. Marking the occasion, a logo(प्रतीक चिन्ह) was unveiled jointly by Amar Sinha,
Secretary (Economic Relation) and Daniel Carmon, lsraeli Ambassador to India, at the lndira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in New Delhi. A series of events took place on a variety of subjects to celebrate the silver jubilee of their diplomatic relations. These include exchange of high-level political visits and visits by business delegations(प्रतिनिधिमंडलों). The two nations established the diplomatic relations in 1992. India and Israel have been cooperating in many areas like defence, agriculture, science and technology, education, India-Israel Celebrates 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations in New Delhidairy, innovation among others.
Israel is also a major contributor of defence technology to India. India imports Israeli defence equipment, including missiles, drones, radars and other critical (महत्वपूर्ण) military components.

logo  प्रतीक चिन्ह Definitions of LOGO
a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc..
the Olympic logo was emblazoned across their jackets
synonyms: emblem, trademark, brand, device, figure, symbol, design, sign, mark, insignia, crest, seal

a high-level programming language used to teach computer programming to children.

delegations प्रतिनिधिमंडलों Definitions of delegation
a body of delegates or representatives; a deputation.
a delegation of teachers
synonyms: deputation, legation, mission, diplomatic mission, commission, delegates, representatives, envoys, emissaries, deputies, contingent
the act or process of delegating or being delegated.
prioritizing tasks for delegation
synonyms: assignment, entrusting, giving, devolution, deputation, transference

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