Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Hyderabad University research projects bags Rs. 113 cr funding

Hyderabad University research projects bags Rs. 113 cr funding 

HYDERABAD, MARCH 4:   Strategic research projects at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) Centre-ARCHEM supported by the Defence Ministry will get a whopping Rs. 113 crore funding for the next five years. The University, among the top five in the country will very soon become the first public-funded University to house a 500 MHz NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), as a joint facility between the The Advanced Centre for Research in High Energy Materials (ARCHEM) and the School of Chemistry. The most common applications of NMR known are in medicine through imaging--Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to improve medical diagnosis (निदान) and help in better treatment outcomes. However, the techniques have wide ranging applications in research, especially in Chemistry and Physics. Established in 2005, Archem will drive at least 30 national projects, which are aimed at boosting indigenous efforts of critical defence technologies. At least 30 projects, approved by an expert committee will be funded. Of these 22 are in Chemistry and 8 in Physics. This will be the Phase-3 of funding for the Centre, the first of its kind aided by the DRDO in an Academic Institution. In the first two phases Rs. 90 crore have been sanctioned for more than 50 projects. A host of labs under the DRDO like the HEMRL, TBRL, LASTEC, CHESS, NSTL, CEEFS, DMRL and LIC participated in an meeting to firm up the leading projects to be taken up in the coming 5 years, according to a UoH press release.

The Centre aims to gain deeper insights into the development of new explosive (विस्फोटक) molecules, explosion processes and explosives detection techniques. It has become a hub of interdisciplinary (अंतःविषय) research efforts to understand theoretical as well as experimental aspects in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, Photonics and Electronics instrumentation involved in high energy materials.

Archem has in 12 years set up exclusive laboratories for Chemistry, Physics & Materials Sciences in over 40,000 sq ft of built up area.

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