Tuesday 15 November 2016

Australia to introduce Hindi language in Pre-Schools from 2018

Australia to introduce Hindi language in Pre-Schools from 2018, Australia announced an online program for its pre-schools to learn foreign languages, including Hindi from 2017. In order to teach foreign languages in Australia a program named Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA), was launched in the 2015-16, with five languages namely Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Indonesian, French and Arabic. These were taught to
the children using seven apps.
iii. Australia’s Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham, the government would extend the programme to teach Italian and Spanish in 2017 and Hindi and Modern Greek in 2018 in pre-schools.Australia
iv. $9.8 million has been spent on the program so far to teach as many as 10,000 students. Apart from this $5.9 million has been allotted to the programme for the 2017 rollout. (Total cost – $15.7 million)
Australia :
♦ Capital: Canberra
♦ Currency: Australian dollar
♦ Prime minister: Malcolm Turnbull

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