Monday, 13 June 2016

Ancient deep geological events could influence present earthquakes: Study

New Delhi: Recently world witnessed many geological disasters that were high in intensity and frequency. What we know abot earthquakes is that they are caused by sudden slip or disturbances between the boundaries of tectonic plates. But a recent research narrates a different story about the occurrence of earthquakes. A team of scientists from University of Toronto and University of Aberdeen have created
models of Earth's crust and upper mantle using super-computers indicates that former plate boundaries may stay hidden deep beneath Earth’s surface for millions of years, according to Science Daily reports.These multi-million old structures lying far away from the existing plate boundaries may influence structural changes on the Earth's surface. The team even proposed a 'perennial plate tectonic map' of the Earth to help illustrate how ancient processes may have present-day implications. The team essentially created an evolving "virtual Earth" to explore how such geo dynamic models develop under different conditions.

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