Wednesday 21 December 2016

163 New Species Discovered in Greater Mekong

163 New Species Discovered in Greater Mekong According to a World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature report published on December 19, 2016, scientists have discovered 163 new species in the Greater Mekong. Of the 163 species discovered, 126 were plants, 14 reptile, 11 fish, nine amphibian and 3 mammal species.The new species discovered includes:

 Lizard with dragon-like horns Acanthosaura phuketensis discovered at the Thai tourist island of Phuket.
 New frog species Leptolalax isos which can fit on a fingertip was discovered in Cambodia and Vietnam.163 New Species Discovered in Greater Mekong
Parafimbrios lao, a snake with rainbow-like scale colours around its head found in the limestone karsts region of northern Laos.
 A gecko in Laoswith pale blue skin
A rare banana species discovered in northern Thailand that is critically endangered because of increasing deforestation.
About Greater Mekong
♦ The Greater Mekong is an international region of the Mekong River basin in Southeast Asia.This region includes parts of southwestern China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.
♦ Though the area is ecologically diverse, wildlife in the area is threatened by dam and road building and the illegal trade of rare and endangered species.
♦ Between 1997 and 2015, 2,409 new species were discovered in the Greater Mekong region, a rate of about two new discoveries per week.

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