Monday 8 May 2017

Sohail Mahmood all set to take over as Pakistan's new envoy to India

Sohail Mahmood all set to take over as Pakistan's new envoy to India

NEW DELHI: As the standoff with Pakistan continues over the death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav and beheading (सिर काटना) of Indian soldiers, the government has approved the appointment of top Pakistan diplomat Sohail Mahmood as Pakistan's next high commissioner to India. Expressing hope that Mahmood will contribute positively to improving bilateral ties, diplomatic sources here said Mahmood has been given visa to allow him to take over from incumbent(निर्भर) Abdul Basit this month.
This brings to an end months of suspense over the appointment of Mahmood, Pakistan's ambassador to Turkey, who is seen as the civilian government's choice. India has been keen to see the back of Basit believing him to be Pakistan army's man who was too hawkish(तेजतर्रार), especially on issues related to J&K. TOI had reported on February 17 that Mahmood was likely to be appointed Pakistan's envoy to India. Pakistan has until now remained largely muted about its choice of Mahmood. The escalating (तना हुआ) civil-military tension in the country had only led to even more speculation about his appointment. A career diplomat who joined Pakistan foreign service in 1985, Mahmood is known for his fluency in Turkish language. He has not had any direct role to play in Pakistan's India policy and is expected to arrive here, as an official put it, without any baggage. Mahmood will take charge at a time when not just there is no official dialogue between the two countries, but when the situation has been further exacerbated(गहरा बनाना)  by Pakistan military court's decision to award death sentence to Jadhav and the recent beheading of two Indian soldiers. Indian authorities believe there is strong evidence to prove that the killing and subsequent mutilation of the bodies was carried out by Pakistan army regulars. India is also awaiting a response from Pakistan to the visa request from Jadhav's parents who want to visit Pakistan to meet their son and also file an appeal against the military court ruling in an appellate court. India has made 16 requests for consular access to Jadhav but all without any positive response from Islamabad.
Basit, who has completed 3 years in India as high commissioner, was earlier overlooked by the Nawaz Sharif government for the position of foreign secretary. Media reports from Pakistan have suggested that Sharif was not happy with Basit and that this may have been the case since his meeting with Hurriyat leaders in August 2014, just ahead of then foreign secretary's visit to Islamabad. India had cancelled that meeting because of Basit's decision to host the separatists. Basit was considered close to former army chief Raheel Sharif. That Nawaz Sharif could choose a lightweight like Tehmina Janjua over Basit for the position of foreign secretary was seen as growing influence of Nawaz in Pakistan's India policy after the retirement of Raheel Sharif late last year.

Definitions of escalate तना हुआ

increase rapidly.
the price of tickets escalated
synonyms: increase rapidly, soar, rocket, shoot up, mount, spiral, climb, go up, inflate, go through the ceiling, go through the roof, skyrocket


Definitions of incumbent निर्भर

necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility.
it is incumbent on all decent people to concentrate on destroying this evil
synonyms: necessary for one to, essential that, required that, imperative that, compulsory for one to, binding on one to, mandatory that
(of an official or regime) currently holding office.
the incumbent president had been defeated
synonyms: current, present, in office, in power, reigning
the holder of an office or post.
Voters may look back on an incumbent 's performance in office, and cast a retrospective vote, or may compare what the candidates promise to do if elected to office, and vote prospectively.

synonyms: holder, bearer, occupant

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