Tuesday 16 May 2017

Pathan brothers inaugurate Cricket Academy of Pathans

Pathan brothers inaugurate Cricket Academy of Pathans

Lunawada (Gujarat), May 16 (PTI) Pathan brothers -- Irfan and Yusuf has launched Cricket Academy of Pathan (CAP), their fourth academy here to provide quality coaching and contribute(योगदान) in the development of the sport in the country. The pathan brothers plan to lunch CAP in 5 more cities in India in the next couple of months and also intends to have around 20 academies across the country by this year. The CAP curriculum (पाठ्यक्रम) consists of two modules -- training the coaches and training the kids. CAP will train aspiring coaches to ensure efficient coaches are produced who in turn will be coaching the kids. 

CAP director Irfan pathan said: "India today, has no dearth of talent(प्रतिभा की कमी) , it's just that they need to be mentored, trained and guided in the right direction. We at CAP will ensure new standards for coaching and development of cricket in India." Besides coaching, CAP is also focusing on nutrition, physical development of the kids who enrolls with the academy. Coaches will also be trained to gauge the strength and weakness of a kid on the field. Irfan said: "Many a times, a talent is lost out due to improper guidance or the coaches' inability to gauge these important aspects(पहलुओं) and guide them accordingly(तदनुसार). We at CAP will ensure each child gets the required attention.

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