Friday 12 May 2017

Ivanka Trump's new book 'Women Who Work' thrashed by critics

Ivanka Trump's new book 'Women Who Work' thrashed by critics (आलोचकों द्वारा पिटाई)

US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump released her new book Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success on May 2, 2017. As the title suggests, Ivanka shares her success mantras and offers advice to women on achieving work-life balance and personal fulfilment both at the same time. But now that the book is out, looks like it has not gone down well with the critics as many of them have brutally slammed (बेरहमी से पटक दिया) her for writing it. Here's how critics view Women Who Work :
1. Annalisa Quinn writes in her review for NPR , "Trump's new book shares a name and a mission with her company's marketing campaign: Women Who Work. Organized into sections with titles like "Dream Big" and "Make Your Mark," Women Who Work is a sea of blandities, an extension of that 2014 commercial seeded with ideas lifted ("curated," she calls it) from various well-known self-help authors. Reading it feels like eating scented cotton balls."
2. The Washington Post 's review by James Hohmann was called, "Ivanka Trump's life of privilege undermines the credibility of her new book's message," which pretty much sums it up.
3. The New York Times ' review is titled 'Having Trouble Having It All? Ivanka Alone Can Fix It'. Jennifer Senior 's review reads, "Eventually, though, a pair of related existential questions emerge. Namely: For whom is Ivanka Trump writing? And what did she write "Women Who Work" for? As Sinek likes to ask, what is the why of this book?... Just looking at Women Who Work gives you a clue. It's a strawberry milkshake of inspirational quotes."
4. Buzzfeed 's reaction to Ivanka's new book is, "Ivanka Trump's new book, Women Who Work , reads like an alien who speaks only French wrote it with Google Translate." Katherine Miller wrote in her review, "If you accept that this is not a good book — it does not adequately achieve its stated purpose of advising women on how to navigate their careers — then there's actually something of worth to be found here, even something revealing. Women Who Work offers a portrait of Ivanka Trump...That portrait emerges only against the text, though. Women Who Work repeats certain words over and over again in different pairings until they blur together: define, redefine, prioritize, architect (used repeatedly and bizarrely as a verb), essential, crucial, cultivate, connect, connections, authentic, authentically, organically, multidimensional (as in the multidimensional life that you, a woman who works, live) — but all must be in service of your passions."
5. Emily Peck writes in her review for The Huffington Post , "Trump's book... is a grab-bag of generic work-life advice for upper-middle-class white women who need to 'architect' (a verb that pops up a lot) their lives. But underneath(नीचे) that, and perhaps more remarkable, is Trump's inability to truly recognize how her own privileged upbringing was key to her success."
6. Business Insider UK's reviewer Kate Taylor writes, "The book, which the first daughter and White House adviser wrote while her father was running for president, reads like a mashup of countless essays and articles written in the past decade aimed at female entrepreneurs."
7. Jia Tolentino 's review for The New Yorker is titled 'Ivanka Trump wrote a painfully oblivious book for basically no one'. " Women Who Work is mostly composed of artless jargon ("All women benefit immeasurably by architecting their lives") and inspirational quotes you might find by Googling "inspirational quotes"," it reads.
A passage on Jane Goodall, anthropologist and chimpanzee expert, who is also mentioned in Ivanka's book reads, "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." On being asked about it, Goodall told The Washington Post , "I understand that Ms. Trump has used one of my quotes in her forthcoming book... I was not aware of this, and have not spoken with her, but I sincerely hope she will take the full import of my words to heart." Goodall believes that environmental laws has been "jeopardized" by the Trump government. In fact, she had previously made a critical comparison between President Trump and a chimpanzee too!
Women Who Work is Ivanka's second book. Her 2009 debut self-help book The Trump Card was a compilation of workplace advice, stories about her deal-maker dad (now US president) with a big dose of celebrity name-dropping. As for Women Who Work , buzz is that Ivanka is donating the proceeds from her book to charity. She has also decided not do any publicity to avoid issues that might suggest that she is improperly using her White House connection.

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