Monday, 1 May 2017

Govt to give Rs 35 cr to children of freedom fighters in Bangladesh

Muktijodha-scholarship-Bangladesh,-Govt-to-give-Rs-35-cr-to-children-of freedom-fighters-in-Bangladesh

India will give Rs 35 crore to children of freedom fighters in Bangladesh in the next five years under the new 'Muktijodha scholarship' scheme, High Commissioner Harsh Vardhan Shringla announced on Saturday. India initiated the Muktijodha Scholarship Scheme in 2006 for descendants (वंशज) of the 1971 Freedom Fighters. Until now, more than 10,000 scholarships worth Tk150 million have been disbursed. This year, scholarships have been awarded to 600 undergraduate students. Of them, 48 were from Chittagong, BDNews24.Com reported. "You have fought shoulder to shoulder with Indian troops in 1971 and continue to be our eternal friends. May Almighty(सर्वशक्तिमान) bless you all with good health, prosperity(समृद्धि) and happiness," Shringla told the freedom fighters gathered at the scholarship award ceremony in Chittagong.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Sheikh Hasina's visit to India announced that another 10,000 students will receive scholarships under the new Muktijodha scholarship scheme.

All freedom fighters are now eligible for five years multiple entry on Indian visa and 100 of them will be provided free medical treatment in Indian hospitals every year.

The High Commissioner said under the new scheme, students at a higher secondary level will get a one-time grant of Tk 20,000 (Rs 1,53,700) and those at the undergraduate level will get Tk 50,000 (Rs 38,430). Shringla said the initiatives announced by Modi reflect "our continued solidarity(एकता) with the valiant(बहादुर) Muktijodhas". Minister for Housing and Public Works Mosharraf Hossain was also present at the ceremony. 

Definitions of descendant वंशज

a person, plant, or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor.
Shakespeare's last direct descendant

synonyms: successor, scion, heir, offspring, progeny, family, lineage, issue, seed, fruit of one's loins

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