Monday, 13 June 2016

Noted Playwright and Actor Achyut Lahkar passes away

Noted playwright and actor Achyut Lahkar, doyen of Assam’s mobile theatre movement, passed away on 12 June 2016 following a protracted illness. He was 85. Lahkar was the pioneering dramatist, veteran actor director and producer who staged numerous memorable plays in mobile theatre.
About Achyut Lahkar

• Born in 1931, Lahkar, a theatre enthusiast from his childhood days.
• He founded Nataraj Theatre, the first Mobile Theatre Company of Assam in 1963 which performed across Assam and in other states for nearly 40 years.
• Lahkar was considered to be the father of the Bhramyaman or Mobile Theatre of Assam.
• Before venturing into mobile theatre, Lahkar published and edited an Assamese illustrated magazine called Deepawali for some time in 1952.
• He was awarded the Kamal Kumari National Award in 1997.
• He also received the Bhaben Barua Award, Mancha Prabhakar Award and Braja Nath Sarma Award.

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